Imperial, Shoulder Bolts 5/16", Alloy Steel, 1/4"-20 (#14-20)

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Introducing our Imperial Shoulder Bolts, 5/16" in Alloy Steel, crafted for superior performance and durability. These bolts feature a precise shoulder section that is ideal for applications requiring pivot points or movement, such as in mechanical linkages, gears, and pulley systems. The alloy steel material provides exceptional strength and toughness, making these bolts suitable for high-stress and heavy-duty applications. With a 5/16" size, they offer versatility and compatibility for a wide range of industrial, automotive, and construction uses. Their robust construction ensures reliability and longevity in even the most demanding environments.

Unit of measure Imperial
Type Shoulder Bolts, Shoulder Bolts
Material Alloy Steel
Diameter 1/4"-20 (#14-20)
Length 1/4"
Standard ASME B18.3

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