Copy of About Us

Canada Bolts is an online sales company for screws, nuts, bolts and more. The idea of ​​creating Canada Bolts was born out of a need during the restoration project of our 1979 Volkswagon Westfalia Bus. During the restoration, we had a hard time finding the screws, nuts and bolts that we needed to replace the ones we had which were either too rusty, damaged or just missing.

To find what we needed, often stainless screws and metric screws, we had to drive for kilometers and sometimes go to 5 or 6 general or specialized hardware stores and often without success. We started searching on web and found it was hard to find this type of product online for Canadian customers. We had to buy outside of Canada, which meant paying customs fees and endless delays.

You've probably been looking for screws or bolts at a store near you only to realise that they only carry the best sellers. At Canada Bolts, you will find the screw that you need and if you do not find it on our site, contact us. We will do everything in our power to find what you are looking for!

Here are 2 photos of our Volkswagon Bus once the restoration was completed with the help of friends and professionals.